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  • Cow Chip Bingo results and photos available here
  • The Esperanza Entertainment Unit has partnered with the Orange County Register to provide you with an exclusive subscription offer as a thank you for your support.  For one dime (yes, 10 cents!), you will get the Sunday paper for 2 years You get all the local news, coupons, sports & entertainment provided by the Sunday paper.  There is no requirement to continue past the two year term.Complete this form or the form given to your student.  Tape a dime to the form and return it to the ‘everything box’ by March 31, 2015. 

    For questions, please contact Joy Mau at:2ndvp@ehseu.org

    • Offer available to non-subscribers only (must not have been a subscriber in the past 30 days unless you currently have a 2014 fundraising subscription).
    • If you subscribed through Esperanza Entertainment Unit last year, you can renew through us for only 1 dime!
    • One subscription per household.
    • Must use approved flyer provided by OCR; copies may be submitted if they are not modified.
    • Recipient must live within the OC Register designated delivery area (no P.O. Boxes).
    • Subscriber must complete the entire form themselves.  A minor cannot fill out the  form.
    • Customer must pay for the subscription and give their money to the organization, a third party may NOT pay.
    • This offer cannot be promoted on social networking sites (including Facebook, Craiglist and/or Twitter).
    • This offer may not be solicited at retail outlets.
  • Parents of Jazz I or Jazz II students who missed the Reno parent meeting, please email the following contact information to Lannie.sircable@disney.com.  Additional information and forms can be found on the Reno Jazz Festival page under the Events tab above.
    • Student Name
    • Student Cell Phone #
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Cell Phone #
    • Parent Email Address
  • Esperanza Jazz I will be playing at the Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival March 27-29 at the Monterey Conference Center in downtown Monterey.  More information will be posted here as it becomes available.
  • Congratulations to our musicians for their outstanding achievements!
    • Andrew Muñoz – All-State Jazz Ensemble
    • Alison DeWeese – SCSBOA Jazz All-Stars
    • Dorian Apitz – SCSBOA Honor Jazz
  • Gift cards:  Good news!  We are extending the time frame for gift card rebate percentages going towards your student’s accounts.  The rebates can be used for any of your student‘s band or color guard expenses. 
    Orders are due on 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/17*, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, & 6/2.
    *The order for 3/17 will be the Easter order. All orders are due by 2:45 pm on the due dates.

    See flyer that describes the UnitedScrip Gift Card Program.

    Go to http://scripzone.com to see a list of current retailers.  You can list the retailers alphabetically, by category, or direct search by name.  Once you are logged in, you can search by denomination or by the retailers that give the biggest percentage rebates.  If you shop at Von’s, don’t forget to order a card.  EEU will benefit with an additional percentage.

  • Jazz polo shirts are now available for order! Click here for details.
  • Professional photos from the Band Pageant are available for viewing and purchase at FreyPhotos.com
  • Visit the media page for photos and videos from recent events including the Band Pageant, Halloween football game, Chino and Loara!
  • We would love to share your photos and videos on the website!  Email photos to webmaster@ehseu.org.  Each photo MUST be less than 6MB.  Be kind, resize!  For videos, please send links for your YouTube videos to webmaster@ehseu.org.  Check the media tab (above) for links to all photos and videos.
  • Fundraising opportunities:
    • New fundraising opportunity for the EEU!  Do you shop at amazon.com?  Click here to have .5% of eligible purchases donated to the EEU through the  AmazonSmile program!
  • Click here to view the video thank you for Mr. Gunderson that was presented at the EEU banquet
  • The EEU is going to Hawaii in 2015!  Click here to view the full information packet.  Hawaii contact form is available here.
  • An updated version of the 2014-15 EEU Handbook is available here
  • 2014-2015 EEU Booster Board:

President: JoD Apitz
1st Vice President: Diane Seitz
2nd Vice President: Joy Mau (Continuing)
Treasurer: Mike Locke
Secretary: Kristi Glenday

  • Vons eScrip participants are encouraged to make purchases by debit card or by writing a check.  Credit card purchases will no longer generate contributions for the EEU through the Vons eScrip program.


Happening Soon

  • See the calendar here and the Upcoming Events column on the right for this week’s events.


Jazz News

  • Congratulations to Jazz Combo I for placing 2nd at the 2014 Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival and to Evan Abounassar and Joel Wenhardt for winning soloist awards!
  • Congratulations to all our musicians who performed at 2014′s Reno Jazz Festival!  In addition to providing the audiences with amazing performances, Esperanza took home the following awards:  Jazz I placed 2nd in Division AAA and received a standing ovation for their performance at the Festival Showcase, Combo I placed 1st, Combo II placed 5th and Joel Wenhardt and Evan Abounassar won outstanding high school performer awards for rhythm section and trumpet.  Videos are available here.
  • 2014 Jazz I Essentially Ellington recordings available here
  • Jazz Audition Rubric can be found here
  • The Esperanza Jazz I Band is available to play for special events.  See details here (at “Hire the Band” on the Events menu).


color guardColor Guard

  • 2013-2014 Color Guard info sheet can be found here
  • See the Guard Trophy room for this season’s scores


Calendar Updates

  • See the calendar here and the Upcoming Events column on the right for this week’s events.


phoneHelp Wanted

  • Corporate donations are a great way to help fund the band and guard program!  If you enjoy soliciting corporate donations, or work for a company that supports local school and arts programs, please contact Dave Hardt at: treasurer@ehseu.org.  A special “thank you” to those who have already helped get several corporate donations!


Picture and Video Updates

  • Media Archive added here for pictures and videos before 2011-2012 season.
  • 2012-2013 Band/Guard Events pictures/videos here.
  • 2012-2013 Jazz pictures/videos here.
  • 2012-2013 Miscellaneous Events pictures/videos here.
  • Previous years, pictures/video here.
  • Pictures and videos of recent band events here, Jazz events here.
  • See the Media menu at the top of the home page for access to all pictures and videos.

If you like to take pictures and videos of the band and color guard, share them here by contacting the webmaster at: webmaster@ehseu.org


Don’t Miss…

  • How does music benefit our students?  Click here to find out.
  • Keep the band room and your instrument secure.  The OCRegister.com reports here about several instrument thefts in the southland.


Help the Band!

  • Note:  We need your help to earn more money for the EEU!
    Safeway (Vons Company) has made an important change! Paying for groceries with a credit card will no longer earn a contribution for our group. Use your Club Card and please pay with any form of payment that is NOT A CREDIT CARD so our group will earn.  And if you have not signed up with eScrip to support our group, please visit http://www.escrip.com/signup today!
    Group Name: Esperanza Entertainment Unit
    Group ID: 137820514
  • Note: Vons Club Card holders: You need to renew your connection to the EEU each year or Club Card donations to the EEU will stop!  Click here, then click on either “Renew Now”, “Yes Renew”, or “Yes Keep Earning”!
  • Buy gift cards (scrip) here and support the band!
  • Support the band with toner/ink recycling, Vons eScrip, See’s Candies and more — at no cost to you!  Opportunities here!
  • If you shop at Vons, you can help the band with every purchase.  Register your Vons Club Card with the band.  It’s called eScrip.  It’s our #2 largest fund raiser!  For details on how to participate, click here and scroll down.  (Tell your friends and family to help out the EEU!)  Please note: Credit card purchases are no longer eligible for the eScrip program.  Please use your debit card or write a check for purchases at Vons.


Gift Cards

  1. Fill out the online order form here.
  2. Put check in “everything box” in band room (for the summer, the scrip coordinator will contact you).
  3. Receive cards!
  • Supporting the EEU is easy!  Just order gift cards for groceries, restaurants, and favorite stores.  The band receives a percentage back for every card you buy, and you get 100% value for every dollar you spend!  PLEASE SUPPORT THE PROGRAM and EEU!  To order, click here.
  • (For behind-the-scenes details on UnitedScrip, the gift card provider, click here.)
  • For questions and orders, contact the Gift Card/Scrip coordinator, Kevin Pryor at 714-337-1090 or scrip@ehseu.org


Gift Card Specials

Other Specials

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