3-12-16 Aztec Jazz Festival Volunteers

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Dear Esperanza Entertainment Unit Families,
We would like to give a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone that has supported the Unit’s activities so far this school year. Without you, our students would not be able to perform at such a high level and at as many prestigious events as they do. We are currently preparing for the 18th Annual Aztec Jazz Festival.
The Jazz Festival, which is coming up quickly, will be held Saturday March 12, 2016 here at Esperanza. We will be hosting 50 High School and Middle School Jazz Ensembles from around Southern California. In hosting this event we are responsible for the safety and comfort of the students, Directors, Judges and spectators that will visit our campus, eat our food and watch the competition. We expect over 1000 visitors.

This is where the Unit and our Families come in;
a large part of this event is feeding the masses and manning the concession areas and performance venues. We are planning to have a barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs as well as some other hot dish or two. We also will be selling the usual fruit, chips, candy, drinks and other snacks. We need a lot of parental help with selling snack bar items, assisting with cooking on the BBQ, serving food, manning the check in and hospitality. Most of the kids, especially the Jazz students, will be assisting at the event too.
We know that the EEU seems to always ask for funds to support our activities, and it can seem difficult to monetarily support the group and the kids. With the Jazz Festival, we can make a nice profit in selling concessions as long as we can count on your help. Please remember that all of the money received with this fundraiser goes directly back to the EEU for ALL groups.

We are asking that all families participate in purchasing a couple of the bulk items listed on attached Web site. www.volunteersignup.org/E89MJ If every family in the EEU purchases $15.00 – $20.00 worth of soft drinks, candy or whatever else is on the list, this will reduce, or eliminate the out of pocket expense of the Unit and increase our ability to make a good fundraiser GREAT! This weekend would be a great time to buy soda, with the super bowl, most are on sale. We also need, and accept, cash donations to purchase the items that require refrigeration! Last year, due to all of our generous families, we made over $2800.00 from the concessions alone, with no out of pocket expense from the EEU! We would really like to continue this trend again this year and eliminate any expense by the EEU and have all of our items donated. There are also a few appliance items we need to borrow for the day. (See the bottom of the food list attached for non-food items we need to borrow)

Please bring your non-perishable items to the Band Room and label the donation “Aztec Jazz”. We need all items dropped off prior to Thursday, March 10, 2016. if you would like to volunteer your time please go to the following Web site www.volunteersignup.org/BRH4X

If you have any questions, e-mail me at


or call/text me at (714)488-5154
Thank you
Diane Seitz

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