Second and Final Batch of Uniform Fittings – Tuesday the 22nd

Our second & last uniform fittings with our new uniforms will be this
Tuesday – September 22nd.
Starting during Sixth Period until after school till 4pm

If your name is noted below (and on attached list) it is very important that you show up. 

Fadi Darakjian                         Jeffery Gathright

Logan Griffin                           Justin Halverson

Alyssa Johnson                       Brian Kamaly

Emma Mabry                          Catie Mullner

David Orozco                         Joshua Parker

Esauth Serrano                     Ben Tecker

Kash Aghasi                            Brandon Cugini

Devin Gibbons                        Hailey Glenday

Ryan Hatmaker                       Jesse Hernandez

Robby Newberry                    Zachery Nguyen

Luke Pawlawski                      Precious Romo

Chris Schemetzer                   Craig Westerlin

Dorian Apitz                            Josh De Los Reyes

Travis Hunter                          Jay Jones

Chase Molenaar                      Jasmine Quesada

Florian Schlicht                      Seth Corter

Ryyan Dewan                          Cameron Gandara

Nick Halverson                       Cody Hand

Kassandra Hotchkiss            Connor Joe

Alex Pachaco                           Jared Person

Mason Rollins                         Keon Schaad

Isis Schlicht                             Jacob Sempell

Brian Zarske                            Katie Travassaros

Tatianna Maidjan                    Jazmine Maravilla

 Clayton Williams

We need to see the following people back:

Jake Sempell     Bruno Ferreira      Colin Wu

Caitlin Pryor   Diana Abyad      Ethan Valladolid

Logan Griffin and Esauth Serrano

Please bring your black dinkles and your black shorts to change into,

just like you did on registration night.

This is a mandatory event so please make sure you are there
on Tuesday the 22nd
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