First Batch of Uniform Fittings – Wednesday the 16th at 2:45pm

Our first uniform fittings with our new uniforms will be this
Wednesday – September 16th
right after school until 4:00ish

We are fitting by height, so not everyone may need to be re-fitted.
If your name is noted below (and on attached list) it is very important that you show up.
We have limited uniforms so we must see all the following students,
after school on Wednesday the 16th.

Courtney Warner                    Brianna Gibbons

Kaylee Valldobinos                Alyssa Lefevre

Dana Padget                           Logan Griffin

Nakul Rao                               Cole Wiseman

Alyssa Laporte                        Nate Gonzalez

Nick Moore                             Colin Wu

Pedro Gonzalez                       Shannon MacKellar

Riley Mau                               Abbie Nock

Matthew Tullgren                   Allison Arritt

Myka Cornia                           Brandon Nguyen

Ammarah Memon                   Olivia Todd

Jared Locke                             Ethan Valladolid

Katie Travassaros                    Rachel Harris

Caitlin Pryor                            Vanessa Adams

Allison St. Aubin                    Catelyn Castro

Panayiota Pieratos                   Chris St. Aubin

Alison Deweese                      Lauren Finney

Kade Martinez                         Emily Williams

Emily Macedo                         Nayeli Lopez

Cody Hand                             Diana Abyad

Jacob King                              Jake Sempell

Emma Mabry

Please bring your black dinkles and your black shorts to change into,

just like you did on registration night.

This is a mandatory event so please come right after school

on Wednesday the 16th.

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