2015 Band Camp

Practice, Practice, Practice
Band Camp Starts in One Week!
You need to have the field show opener and parade march be familiar before band camp. The less time we have to spend learning the music means we have more time to work on the show!
If that instrument is still in the same place you dropped it on June 12th,
pick it up and dust it off and get to it!

Freshman Band Camp 2015
(for all incoming Freshman & Section Leaders)
Friday August 14th
9am to Noon
Meet at the Band Room
Students should bring water, instrument, music and wear tennis shoes and socks (Mandatory). This is the incoming Freshman’s chance to begin to learn marching basics, practice music for the fall season and get to know other incoming Freshman and Student Leaders. This will help the new band members be somewhat ready for the start of
Band Camp on Monday the 17th.
(For Everyone)
August 17th – 28th
8:30am to 4pm
Physical forms are due on Monday August 17th @ 8:30am
A copy of the front & back of your health insurance card is required as well.
Please get your physicals scheduled ASAP so you can meet this mandatory deadline.
I have attached a copy of the PYLUSD Physical form to this page.  The last page of the EEU Parent/Student Handbook must also be signed and turned in on Monday August 17th @ 8:30am I have attached a copy of the EEU Rules & Regulations form to this page as well.
What to wear to Band Camp
Hats or Visor
Tennis Shoes and Socks (required)
Shorts or long pants

What to Bring to Band Camp
  • A good attitude!
  • Snack Lunch or Money to buy lunch off campus
  • Pencil & Dot Book
  • Instrument
Water – Water – Water
(Large thermos highly recommended!)
Summer will be hot, but the two weeks of Band Camp are for some reason the hottest days of summer! Do not show up to Band Camp with one bottle of water, you will be very thirsty if you do!
Jazz Auditions
Monday August 17th – Sign up for your Jazz Audition Time Slot
(The sign up sheet will be posted in the Band Room)
Saxes – Tuesday August 18th – 4:30pm to 6pm
Trombones – Wednesday August 19th – 4:30pm to 6pm
Trumpets – Thursday August 20th – 4:30pm to 6pm
Rhythm Section – Friday August 21st – 4:30pm to 6pm
Uniform Fittings & Band Registration
*This has been slightly altered from the EEU Handbook,
please take note of these days and times*

Seniors & Freshman – Monday August 24th – 6pm to 8pm
Juniors & Sophomores – Wednesday August 26th – 6pm to 7pm

Students must wear a white v-neck t-shirt, black socks and black basketball shorts. Please wear your Dinkles from last year if you still have them. (or from Middle School for incoming Freshman) This will be the required clothing that will be worn under the uniforms at all times during the marching season.


Attached to this page are all the forms that you need to have
filled out and signed and turned in during registration. They are:
1 – Parent Permission, Emergency Medical & Waiver of Claims
2 – Athletic/Auxiliary Insurance Certification Form
3 – Co-Curricular Transportation Form
4 – DMV/Risk Management/PYLUSD Rules
(Only if needed. Not everyone will need this form)
5 – Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement
6 – EEU Registration Form


Please bring your checkbooks (all checks made out to the EEU) during your scheduled time slots as we will be collecting performance donations, taking orders for Dinkles and gloves, and specific to all incoming Freshman you can order your students only mandatory EEU Hoodie. There will be other EEU logo wear for students, family and friends available for purchase.  We also ask that every EEU family donate 1 case (24 bottles) of water. Please bring this with you during your scheduled time at registration. We need this water to be able to keep the students hydrated all year long during the many events the EEU performs in. Most of it will get used during Marching Season as the students will be working hard during football games, parades and field show events!  It seems like a ton of information but if you take your time and look through each section, one at a time, it will not be so daunting!
See you at Band Camp!
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