2013-03-16 Irvine Jazz Festival

Esperanza Jazz I, II, & III, along with combos, will be performing at the Irvine Jazz Festival on March 16, 2013.

Congratulations Esperanza on the Irvine Jazz Festival!  Jazz I — 2nd, Jazz II — 6th, Jazz III — 1st, Combo I — 5th, Combo II — 2nd.

Here is the full, big picture schedule for Irvine:

9:00 Jazz II warm up
9:30 Jazz II Performance in Theater
10:00 Jazz II Clinic

10:30 Combo I warm up (Jimmy, Thomas, Jessica, Chris, Gabe, Alison)
11:00 Combo I Performance in Drama Room
11:30 Combo I Clinic

12:30 Jazz III warm up
1:00 Jazz III Performance in Student Center
1:30 Jazz III Clinic

2:00 Combo II warm up (Travis, Sean, JB, Matt E., Tyler, Thut)
2:30 Combo II Performance in Drama Room
3:00 Combo II clinic

3:30 Jazz I warm up
4:00 Jazz I Performance in Theater
4:30 Jazz I Clinic

5:30 Awards concert

All groups should arrive at check-in 15 minutes before warm up.

Download schedule information below:

Additional information can be found on Irvine’s website here.

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