2012-03-10 Aztec Jazz Festival

jazz festival logo2012 Aztec Jazz Festival Information

Welcome to the 14th Annual Aztec Jazz Festival home page.

The 14th Annual Aztec Jazz Festival is scheduled for March 10, 2012.

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We welcome all of the bands and supporters of Jazz from around Southern California!

Click here for a document with all details. The Performance Schedule is also posted below.

Click the map below for the campus festival layout.

Performance Schedule

Warm-up Area: Room 211
Performance Area: Aztec Library

Warm-Up Performance Ensemble

Middle School Combo
8:00 AM 8:35AM Oak Mixed Combo
8:35 AM 9:10 AM McAuliffe Combo

Middle School Novice
9:10AM 9:45 AM Brentwood Middle School
9:45 AM 10:20 AM Valley Christian Middle School

Middle School Advanced
10:20 AM 10:55 AM McAuliffe Middle School
10:55 AM 11:30 AM Oak Middle School
12:05 PM LUNCH

High School Combo
12:00 PM 12:35 PM Peninsula High School Combo
12:35 PM 1:10 PM Los Alamitos High School Combo

High School Intermediate A
1:10 PM 1:45 PM Peninsula High School II
1:45 PM 2:20 PM Valencia High School II
2:20 PM 2:55 PM La Habra High School
2:55 PM 3:30 PM Savanna High School
3:30 PM 4:05 PM Long Beach Poly III

Warm Up: Band Room (711)
Performance Area: Aztec Theater

Warm-Up Performance Ensemble

High School Novice
8:35 AM 9:10 AM Loara High School
9:10AM 9:45 AM Peninsula High School III
9:45 AM 10:20 AM Anaheim High School
10:55 AM LUNCH

High School Intermediate B
10:55 AM 11:30 AM Los Alamitos High School III
11:30 AM 12:05 PM South Torrance High School II
12:05 PM 12:35 PM Long Beach Poly High School II
12:35 PM 1:10 PM Fullerton Union High School

High School Advanced
1:10 PM 1:45 PM South Torrance High School I
1:45 PM 2:20 PM Los Alamitos High School II
2:20 PM 2:55 PM Valhalla High School
2:55 PM 3:30 PM Peninsula High School I
3:30 PM 4:05 PM Valencia High School I

High School Heavy
4:05 PM 4:40 PM Los Alamitos High School I

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