2012-01-16 OC Register Fundraiser

The Esperanza Entertainment Unit has partnered with the Orange County Register to provide you with an exclusive subscription offer as a thank you for your support.  For $1 you will get you the Sunday paper for 1 year.  You get all the local news, coupons, sports & entertainment provided by the Sunday paper.  There is no requirement to continue past the one year term.

OC Register FlyerComplete the form found here or aquí, attach $1 cash or check (to “OC Register”) and return it to a band member or parent.  Parents/students, please put forms with attached $1 in the everything box by February 19, 2013 March 11, 2012 THE OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENDED!  For questions, please contact Joy Mau at:


  • Current OC Register customers don’t qualify (You need to be a non-customer for 30 days).
  • One subscription per household.
  • Entire form must be completed.
  • Recipient must live within the OC Register designated delivery area (no P.O. Boxes).
  • Cash or check (to “OC Register”) is accepted.  (Checks will be cashed in February.)
  • This offer cannot be promoted on social networking sites (other than the EHSEU website).
  • This offer may not be solicited at retail outlets.


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