2012-10-27 Loara Band Review and Field Show

Loara Invitational Band Review and Field Show Tournament – October 27th 2012

Additional Info:

The band review competition area is on N. Clementine between W. Sycamore and W. North St. The judges stand is located at Clementine and W. Wilhelmina.  (Scroll to the bottom for map.)

For the field show, General admission tickets for adults are $9 with reduced rates for children under 12 and senior citizens (price not listed in materials). Feel free to come out wearing your EEU gear and be loud and proud for our students!

Note: The field show is at Glover Stadium.  For directions, click here.

Here’s the schedule for Saturday:


10:10 Call (Please eat a big meal before arriving at school)
10:30 Depart EHS
11:00 Arrive
11:15 Start Warm-up
12:44 Rock the Street
1:15 Depart for EHS
1:45 Arrive at EHS


Field Show

3:40 Call at EHS
4:00 Depart for Glover
4:30 Arrive at Glover
4:45 Walk to Warm-up
6:05 Gate
6:15 Ignite the turf
9:45 Awards
10:30 Depart Glover
11:00p.m. Arrive EHS

Note: You will want to bring your band sweatshirt, show shirts, and pants for after the performance because it can get cold waiting for awards. Also, please bring $ for snacks to support the Loara band program, if you would like to eat after the show.

Band Review Lineup (click to enlarge):

Field Show Tournament Lineup:

Loara’s Map (click to enlarge):

More information can be found on Loara’s website here.


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