2012-05-18 Big Band Blowout Magic Moments Photography

Magic Moments Photography photographed the Big Band Blowout and below, you will find out how to watch a free slideshow of the photos and also how to order them on-line.

 There are two ways to get to the photos on the Matic Moments Photography website:

1)  Go to www.mmsportsphoto.com and click on “performing arts” in the navigation bar, then on “Big Band Blowout 2012.”

2) Use this link to go directly from this e-mail to the gallery: Click here.

A few things about the photos:
– You can watch a slideshow of the photos for free. Instructions on doing this are attached at the end of this post.

–  You can buy photos and digital copies directly from the website.  Instructions on doing this are at the end of this post.  The photos will remain on the website for only a few weeks, so don’t wait to buy.

–  If there are ever photos you want removed from the site, just send Phil an e-mail (phil@mmsportsphoto.com) giving the gallery name and photo file name and he will delete them.

To Buy Photos:  Once you click on the gallery you will see thumbnails of the photos, with the selected photo enlarged to the right of the screen.  Select any photo by clicking on the thumbnail or by using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.  If you move your cursor over the enlarged photo a drop down menu will appear that lets you increase the size when viewing the photo.  Buy any photo by clicking on the “Buy” button above the enlarged photo.

Watch a Free Slideshow: You can watch a free slideshow by clicking on the “slideshow” button on the upper right of the screen.  After clicking on this, you can adjust the speed to “fast” using the button in the upper left of the screen.  If you leave your cursor stationary the menu bar will disappear, then then sit back and enjoy the slide show!

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