2012 Band Banquet Senior Slide Show

At the Band Banquet, there will be a Senior Slide Show where we get to view pictures of seniors from baby to graduate!

Senior families, please gather five photos from toddler to graduate of your student, and give them to Steve Litten.

Deadline to submit photos: May 24, 2012

Photos requirements:

  • Five photos ranging from baby to graduate
  • .jpg files
  • Name files as follows: [last]-[first]-[index #].jpg  where [last] is last name, [first] is first name, and [index #] is a number from 1 to 5, 1 representing the earliest photo and 5 representing the latest photo (for example, Litten-Steve-1.jpg)
  • High resolution (minimum 1280×1024 please)

Photos can be put on a CD-ROM and placed in the Everything Box c/o Steve Litten, or photos can be e-mailed to Steve Litten at 

When e-mailing photos, please observe a 10 megabyte maximum per e-mail.  (Many e-mail servers will not send e-mails with too many large attachments.)  If this doesn’t make sense, please send one picture per email.

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