America’s Got Talent (12-10-2011)

Extra, Extra!

Update 2/16/2012:

America’s Got Talent, second performance, is set for February 16.

This schedule is tentative, only the morning departure time is certain (Updated 2/14):
6:45am call and load at EHS
7:15am Depart EHS for Orpheum Theater, L.A.
8:30am Arrive Orpheum
– 12:00pm Depart for lunch/home
– 2:00pm Arrive at EHS
Students should bring a snack for the morning, and money for lunch.

Update 12/9/2011, 9:20pm:

All attendees must bring a photo ID.  EHS student IDs are fine for band members.

Update 12/8/2011, 9:05am:

Hello Parents,

Thank you all for being so understanding in regard to the EEU activity this Saturday. In an effort to make this as painless as possible, there will be a notary at the band room tomorrow (Friday) night between 6 and 7:30pm for all the parents who will not be at the taping for America’s got Talent.

To make things simpler for all, please come by the band room and drop off all the necessary paperwork for your student. That way we can collect it all in one fell swoop!

Just to clarify some common questions/concerns…

If you as a parent will be going to the Anaheim Convention Center with the band on Saturday you do not need to fill out the Guardian Document (All of the other paperwork still needs to be completed though). You will need to follow the buses so you can be present with the band. If something were to happen to your child, then you would be there to take care of the situation. Otherwise, there would be nothing more you would need to do or say.

The kids will not be competing or trying out for the show…the band will be playing as a peripheral in the background of this taping of an audition.

This is an educational event for the kids to perform within the music industry and to work behind the scenes for such an event.

All the paperwork that is required it being required by NBC. While we have all of this information on file through the school district, the TV network is requiring it’s own legal documents.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of confusion…but I tried to let you know as much information as Mr. Davis got just as soon as I could!



Update 12/8/2011, 9am:

Hello Parents,

I understand that all the paperwork that needs to be filled out is somewhat confusing and we have very little time in which to complete it. I am working on getting a notary to come out to the school on Friday night to do a mass signature event. Here are some answers to what may be common questions.

1) If you as a parent are not going to be present on Saturday with your child, then you need to fill out the Guardian Document and put Brad Davis on the line where it states who you appoint. This is the form that MUST be notarized. That means YOU and MR. DAVIS must be present at the same time when the document is signed otherwise the notary will not notarize it. (This is what I am working on)

2) The Non-Contestant personal release form must also be filled out and signed by your child, you, and if you are not going then Mr. Davis must sign this form as well

3) The Contestant info and release form must also be filled out and signed…since the kids are not competing on the show use your discretion on what you need to fill out, and if the form does not pertain, put N/A (And on this form there are a lot of those that do not pertain to us…but as a matter of formality need to be filled out)

4) Once I get the info on the notary I will inform everyone again what is going on

5) This is all last minute and the details are literally being worked out as we go…thank you for your patience.

This is an opportunity for our music students to work within the music industry to include our students in the Guard. This is a mandatory EEU event. If you have other family obligations that prevent your student from being at school on Saturday please let Mr. Davis know before Friday.

Thanks for your help!!



Update: Please see attached forms that need to be filled out by EVERY student in their entirety before Saturday. Parents do not need to fill out the contestant info (What inspires you…?) portion of the “Contestant info and release”, but please note that “if a student comes without a parent they will need to get their paperwork notarized per NBC.



America’s Got Talent Performance

A special message from the (EHSEU) president:

The unit has been picked to play at a taping of Americas Got Talent at the Anaheim Convention Center this Saturday, 12/10/2011! All parents who want to come out to watch the taping are welcome to do so but need to provide their own transportation to and from the convention center. Here are the call time specifics:

  •  Call time 7am
  • Leave Esperanza 7:30am
  • Taping at Anaheim Convention Center 8:30am to 10:30am
  • Home at Esperanza approx 11:15am

The kids will be in full uniform so they need to dress for a parade or field show event.

More info as it comes, but WOW, what an opportunity!!


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