2011-11-19 Arcadia Parade/Savanna Field Show

There are two events on November 19, 2011.  The first is a band review at Arcadia (click here for location).  The second is a field show at Savanna (Glover Stadium, Anaheim, CA, click here for directions to Glover Stadium).

Band Member Schedule


  • 6:45am Call time
  • 7:15am Depart
  • 8:15am Santa Anita Raceway for Parade
  • 10:07am Perform in Arcadia Band Review
  • 11:00am Arrive at Busses
  • 11:30am Depart Arcadia H.S.
  • 11:45am Arrive at Santa Anita Mall for lunch (on own) in food court
  • 1:15pm Depart SA Mall for Home
  • 2:00pm Arrive EHS


  • 4:10 Call at EHS for night show
  • 4:30 Depart
  • 5:00 Arrive at Glover Stadium
  • 5:30 Walk to Warm-up
  • 6:58 Perform in Savanna Field Tournament
  • 10:00pm Awards
  • 11:15pm Depart Glover
  • 11:45pm Arrive home to EHS

Arcadia Schedule

Click here for map and directions.

Below data copied from this link.

(Unit #, Step Off, Class School Name, Parade Music)
H1 9:00 AM Host Arcadia High School Solid Men to the Front
H2 9:04 AM Host Foothills Middle School The Peacemaker
H3 9:09 AM Host First Avenue Middle School Miss Liberty
H4 9:13 AM Host Dana Middle School Symbol of Honor
1 9:18 AM C Monta Vista High School Bravura
2 9:22 AM C Helix Charter High School The Thunderer
3 9:27 AM C Downey High School Gladiator
4 9:31 AM C Crescenta Valley High School Bravura
5 9:36 AM C Shadow Hills High School Voice of America
6 9:40 AM C Temple City High School Eagle, Globe and Anchor
7 9:45 AM C Workman High School Washington Greys
8 9:49 AM C Valhalla High School Joyce’s 71st Regiment
9 9:54 AM C Mayfair High School Glorious Victory
10 9:58 AM B Olympian High School King Karl King
11 10:03 AM B El Rancho High School Vanished Army
12 10:07 AM B Esperanza High School British Eighth
13 10:12 AM B Garey High School Bullets & Bayonets
14 10:16 AM B Don Lugo High School Men of Ohio
15 10:21 AM B Gladstone High School The Klaxon
16 10:25 AM B Bonita Vista High School The Gridiron Club
17 10:30 AM B John Glenn High School Bravura
18 10:34 AM B Whitney High School Eagle Squadron
19 10:39 AM B Diamond Ranch High School Invercargill
Judges’ Break
20 10:55 AM A West High School Eagle Squadron
21 10:59 AM A Beckman High School Anchors Aweigh
22 11:04 AM A Santiago High School Under the Double Eagle
23 11:08 AM A Eastlake High School Power & Glory
24 11:13 AM A Cypress High School National Fencibles
25 11:17 AM A Notre Dame High School Old Ironsides
26 11:22 AM A Arlington High School Sound Off March
27 11:26 AM A Kennedy High School Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
28 11:31 AM A Schurr High School Pride of the Wolverines
29 11:35 AM A Loara High School March Grandioso
30 11:40 AM AA Mira Mesa High School Eagle Squadron
31 11:44 AM AA Kaiser High School Wisconsin Forward Forever
32 11:49 AM AA Chino High School National Fencibles
33 11:53 AM AA Glendora High School British Eight
34 11:58 AM AA Montebello High School Purple Pageant
35 12:02 PM AA El Dorado High School The Gallent Seventh
36 12:07 PM AA Mt. Carmel High School Barnum & Baileys Favorite
37 12:11 PM AA Diamond Bar High School Library of Congress
38 12:16 PM AA Rancho Bernardo High School Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
39 12:20 PM AA Riverside King High School The Irish Brigade
1:45 PM Awards Ceremony

Savanna Schedule

Below data and more Savanna information can be found here.

Venue location:
Glover Stadium – Anaheim, CA
1151 N. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA  92801

Performance order: (from here)

Evening Show
3:30pm Sierra Vista
3:46pm Warren 3:46PM
4:02pm Downey 4:02PM
4:18pm Magnolia 4:18PM

4:34pm BREAK

4:50pm Anaheim
5:06pm Mira Costa
5:22pm South Hills 5:22PM
5:38pm Los Altos 5:38PM


6:26pm Loara
6:42pm El Camino
6:58pm Esperanza
7:14pm Cypress
7:30pm Vista
7:46pm Los Osos

8:02pm BREAK

8:18pm Troy
8:34pm West
8:50pm San Marcos
9:06pm Etiwanda
9:22pm Kennedy


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