2011 See’s Candies Opportunity

See’s Candies Pickup

All Sees Candy will be delivered to the band room on Tues, Dec 6. It will be available for pick up after school until about 4:30. All orders need to be picked up at that time as we do not have room to store orders. Please make arrangements for large orders. If you cannot pick up your order on that day, please contact Janna Brink at

See’s Candies Fund Raising Opportunity

Your opportunity to purchase See’s Candies and benefit the band is here!

Truffles, assorted chocolates, nuts & chews, toffee-ettes, peanut brittle, molasses chips, assorted peppermints, assorted gourmet lollypops, jolly snowman box, mini holiday fancy box, and gift certificates!

Students received a Pre-Sell Flyer at school (Also available here.)  Place candy orders in the Everything Box.

Contact: Janna Brink at jmuddle3@aol.com
Due date: Oct 21, 2011 Friday
Checks payable to: EEU
Delivery: early December


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