PYLUSD District regarding Transportation Fees

Transportation Fee Update:

If you have not yet payed the transportation fee, please write a check made out to Esperanza High School for $145.00 and place it in the everything box. (Please include the student’s name with the check.)  These fees are due to the school no later than Sept 20th so please place your checks in the everything box by September 19th so Mr. Davis can get them to the school office before the deadline.

From Principal Kenneth Fox regarding transportation fees

Dear Parent:

As you are aware, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has established transportation fees for those students who use the bus to travel to and from extra-curricular activities. The transportation fee is necessary to continue with our existing programs.

There has been much discussion about what the fees are to be and the following explains how they are established. There are two known transportation costs, cost for the bus itself and cost for the driver. These costs may vary between sports, based upon the distance traveled, frequency of events and the number of hours a bus remains at an activity. An example of this is the band participating at a field show in Palm Springs in which the bus departs at 7:00 a.m. and returns at 10:00 p.m. vs. the football team traveling to Los Alamitos at 6:00 p.m. and returning at 10:00 p.m. Another example of varying costs is the number of events which require transportation. For example, baseball plays three rounds in our league and travels much more than cross country which participates in a single round.

The individual fee for a sport or activity was determined by taking the cost of transportation for a given activity and dividing that cost among the number of participants in the activity. This gave us the cost per student to pay for transportation. Please note that we have small teams travel together whenever possible, in the hope of filling each bus to near capacity, which helps minimize transportation costs.

The decision to ride the bus or find another source of transportation belongs to each family. The parents have the option of providing transportation for their son or daughter to each away event if they so choose. If this option is used, the student will not be allowed to travel by bus with the team or group. I would encourage you to use the bus as it is the safest possible means of transportation for students, while helping to build group camaraderie. If you choose alternate ways of transporting your student, please return the DMV/Risk Management School Driver form.

Finally, before any student is cleared to participate in the band, choir, pepsters or athletics, they must pay the transportation fee or have a waiver form completed by a parent indicating they will transport their child to all away events. Waiver forms are located in the finance office or athletic office.

Please make checks payable to Esperanza High School and turn in to the Athletic Office room 759 with the Esperanza student ID card to Midge Martinez. Please do not turn payment into booster club. Due date for transportation fees are – September 20th for the fall season; November 15 th for winter sports and March 13, 2011 for spring sports.

If your have any questions about transportation fees, please feel free to call and I will discuss them with you.


Kenneth C. Fox
Kenneth C. Fox, Ed.D.


Band Fees: $145


Complete word document attached.

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