Car Wash Thank You from Booster President Chris Corter

I would like to personally thank each and every one who came out today to help with our first EEU car wash. For a first time event, things went better than expected and we had a very healthy and steady stream of cars coming in!!

For all the Bandos, YOU GUYS ROCK!! You all worked very hard from start to finish and you washed over 200 cars today!! If this is a sign of things to come then it is going to be an awesome year!
Spencer and Bree, thank you so much for your leadership…you both really stepped up and took charge and that really helped keep things moving along!

To all our sign holders on the street…AWESOME!! You really helped bring in a ton of drive by traffic and kept the car wash plenty busy! A special shout out to Pam Thornton for making all those signs and banners…Thank You!!

And last but by no means least our Parents! I can not thank you enough for all the support! From sponge’s, soap, buckets, towels, hoses, and what ever else we needed you were there! You all jumped right in and helped rinse, wash and dry cars…you waved signs and directed traffic and help make sure the kids were safe and productive…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Finally a big Thanks to Mr. Davis and Mr. Gunderson for getting the kids pumped up about the event and for spending so much time with us today!! You work with our kids all week and still take the time to come out on weekends to share more of your time! Thank You!

Last thing, I have a step stool that will go back to the band room for who ever let us borrow it and all the towels will be washed and dried and brought back to the band room as well. (Thanks Jean Tom). If you don’t want your towels back we will put them in storage for next time!

Your Booster President

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