Design our Show Shirt Contest 2011

Attention all Band members!

It is that time of year again…school is winding down for summer,
seniors are getting ready for graduation and vacation is only weeks
away. There is no better time to start thinking about next year’s show
shirt design!

That’s right; you get to design it and if you win then your idea will be
put to print, literally! Here is how it is going to work:

Design a 3 color (or less) show shirt and submit your concept to be
judged for consideration and possibly winning design. Remember, this is
your shirt; you are going to wear it at every event so make it special.

Show name is Fractured
Show is about – TBD


1) Shirt can be up to 3 colors (or less). No metallic colors or
fluorescent colors. If you choose a dark colored shirt, one of your
colors will automatically be white. (So you only get 2 more)

2) Your design must be submitted showing the colors you plan on using
including the color of the shirt. If the shirt is dark, you need not
show white unless that is the only color you are using.

3) Your design must be submitted in JPEG or GIF format so it may be
reproduced for printing. No PDF’s please.

4) YOUR DESIGN MUST BE PRINTABLE! No tiny lines or color fades, or

5) Parents are allowed to help, but students must be responsible for
demonstrating that the design was theirs.

6) Submissions are due no later than 8-20-11. Winner will be
announced at preview night 8-25-11.

7) Most important – Have Fun!

Send submissions electronically to:

See you at band camp!!


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